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Product Liability

Have you suffered injuries from prescription medication or drugs, medical devices, a consumer product, or some other defective device or equipment?

Contact us immediately.  We can help.

Products liability takes many different forms. A person could be injured by a defective tool or piece of equipment.  A common item such as a defective tire may cause a car accident.  A person can get ill as a result of improperly labeled or packaged products.  Products throughout the home or workplace can be defective without our knowledge.  This includes anything that you may have purchased or been prescribed, or that you used in any way.

Products include toys, tools, and a variety of items at the home and office too numerous to list.  Defective medicines and devices include:

  •     Actos
  •     DePuy Hip
  •     Fosamax
  •     Accutane
  •     Avandia
  •     Depakote
  •     Gadolinium
  •     Hydroxycut
  •     Paxil
  •     Qui Tam
  •     Reglan
  •     Shoulder Pain Pumps
  •     Topamax
  •     Yaz/Yasmin/Ocella
  •     Zimmer Durom
  •     Zimmer NexGen-CR Flex Porous Femoral component
  •     Zimmer LPS-Flex
  •     Zoloft

When a serious injury or illness happens to you or a loved one, it can have life-changing consequences. The attorneys at Matheson Wolf have the knowledge and experience to represent you if you suffer an injury as a result of a defective product.  Contact us immediately to discuss your situation.